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St Nicholas of Tolentine Catholic Primary School

Where charity and love are, God is there


St Nicholas of Tolentine RE Policy


The RE scheme we use is God Matters which aims to include and meet the targets set out in the Curriculum Directory. It has a varied approach to learning and encourages questioning and deepening of thinking skills through a range of thinking tools. This enables children to develop investigation, interpretation, communication, and evaluation skills. The use of art, dance and drama allows all children to enjoy and achieve in RE lessons.


Please see below to see how the units are organised.




We use A Journey in Love as our Relationships and Sex Education Scheme. This is approved by the Diocese of Clifton and conforms to the guidance they issued in April 2017 in light of Government recommendations on the teaching of SRE.


A Journey in Love explores the spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual and physical aspects of growing and changing into the people God created us to be. It places God’s love at the centre of this exploration.  The love God has for his creation is the model used to explore other relationships, helping children to recognise how a healthy, positive relationship works.



Other Faiths


Studying other faiths is an important part of the RE curriculum in our school to ensure all children respect the traditions and beliefs of other faiths. Throughout the year, we have two faith weeks in which all afternoons are spent learning about different religions. Moreover, we also have several faith days over the year where we come off timetable to celebrate a particular religious festival or celebration. Our learning of different faiths involve trips to religious building, visitors from local communities and a variety of activities to enhance understanding.