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Below are links that will support your child's learning...


Oxford Owl - It is aimed at children aged three to 11 years old and is free to use.

It helps children learn reading and Maths, and there are also top tips for parents to help your child with their learning. There are also over 250 free ebooks.


BBC Bitesize - The BBC Bitesize website covers all areas of the curriculum, ranging from primary school level up to GCSE exams. It’s free to use and includes animations, revision flashcards and interactive sections to help your kids learn.


Topmarks - This website includes lots of free games. Hit the Button is one of the games which lets children practice times tables and number bonds.


Reading Eggs - Great for practising reading and comprehension skills in a fun and interactive way. Please ask your class teacher for a login if needed.


Mathletics - Lots of Maths challenges and games. Please ask your class teacher for a login if needed.