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History has a prominent place in the curriculum at St Nicholas of Tolentine. We have created an ambitious programme that is diverse and meets the needs of the learners in our school. We feel strongly that children need to see themselves represented in the curriculum in order to value themselves and see themselves in a broader historical context.  As such, we have developed our own schemes of learning with our children and our city at the heart of it.


In addition to teaching the required content for History, we ensure that children are provided with the necessary skills to become critical learners. This involves enquiry-led learning where children dive deeply into investigations, exploring a variety of sources and formulating their own opinions.

Term 2 History Photo Gallery

Termly Plans


We work together as a whole school with a termly topic focus on either History, Geography or Science. Each term starts off with a WOW day of hands-on activities (and sometimes dressing up!) to immerse the children into their topic, inviting questions and curiosity as to where their learning will take them. More information can be found in the Knowledge Organisers on each class page.


Here is what we have covered so far this year:

Term 2


People Who Help Us​

(Understanding The World)
Key Text: The People Who Help Us Series

Year 1​

The History Of Toys And Our Personal Histories​
Key Text: Traction Man​ by Mini Grey

Year 2​

The Great Fire Of London​
Key Text:​  Gorilla by Anthony Brown

Year 3/4​

The Romans​
Key Text: Escape From Pompeii by Christina Balit

Year 4/5​

The Ancient Greeks​
Key Text: Myth Atlas​ by Thiago De Moraes

Year 5/6:​

Rebuilding Britain: 1945 Onwards​
​Key Text: Windrush Child by Benjamin Zephaniah​

Looking ahead

We have been working with UWE and local historians to create a very exciting new history topic for the whole school based on significant Bristolians and their contribution to Bristol. We want children to discover the lives of ordinary people who have made a difference to the local area, contributed to the city and made Bristol what it is. Children understanding their place in the history of the locality is an essential starting point in understanding history and how this relates to their personal and family history. We look forward to sharing this with you in Term 6.