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St Nicholas of Tolentine Catholic Primary School

Where charity and love are, God is there


At St Nicholas of Tolentine, we strive to know, understand, cherish and nurture each and every one of our wonderful children, their families and each other.  We are a learning community and in that, we value each other as partners in all our children’s learning. We learn from, and with, the community we serve. The incredible and enviable diversity and global roots are a true blessing and a joy and we ensure our dynamic curriculum encompasses and adapts to meet the needs of all our learners.  We also do this by placing our approach to the curriculum by planning all our teaching around significant, strong and well- understood Catholic, British and whole-school values and, furthermore, absolute equality for all our children and their families.   


We believe that all children deserve an ambitious, powerful, broad, relevant and rich curriculum, built on a carefully mapped framework of the necessary knowledge and skills taken from the National Curriculum. We know that this will enable them to fully thrive as they journey on the learning path we plan for them from the moment they start to the moment they depart from our care, and beyond. We want them to be proud of their heritage, take ownership of their learning and believe it will take them far.  We believe in “the feast of the banquet and not the buffet” when it comes to our curriculum offer. In line with Catholic teaching, each person is seen as an individual; their unique gifts and talents are recognised and developed. We want them to be able to also ‘see’ themselves in the curriculum that we create and teach and furthermore, for them to take it forwards with them in life and want to educate the next generation with the same degree and understanding of its legacy.




Key indicators of success for our children are:


  • The provision of our carefully mapped curriculum which is purposeful to everyone and addresses the knowledge and skills required for each stage of education at our school and encourage pupils to aim high and achieve well
  • The implementation of a meaningful and regular monitoring programme that identifies the strengths and area of development needed to consistently provide quality education in all aspects of the curriculum and improve it regularly
  • Evidence of appropriate time allocation to all subjects in every class timetable and children’s work in their books
  • The implementation of powerful and targeted professional development that ensures all our staff members are fully prepared to deliver the requirements of our broad and balanced curriculum
  • A fully inclusive, broad and balanced curriculum which provides all pupils, regardless of ability or background, with the opportunity to thrive academically and socially
  • The positive engagement by pupils in all activities provided outside of the school timetable