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Our topic in term 6 is 'Traditional Tales.' We will be exploring the following traditional tales:


  • Jack and the Beanstalk
  • The Gingerbread Man
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  • The Little Red Hen 
  • The Three Little Pigs
  • Little Red Riding Hood 
  • The Billy Goats Gruff


This topic will support us with our own story writing!


Towards the end of the year, the children will have lots of transition support and will get to know their Year 1 teacher and new classroom!

Our topic in term 5 is 'Minibeasts'. We will be exploring lots of different minibeasts and making our own minibeast fact files. During this topic, we will also explore change and growth and will be looking at life cycles. 


We will also be planting some of our own flowers and herbs in our Reception garden. We will measure how they grow and think about what they need. Do you know what flowers need to grow?


This term we will have a whole school focus on Science. 

Our topic in term 4 is 'Land and Sea'. During this topic we will be exploring dinosaurs and will have a visit from Bristol museum to discuss and explore fossils. We will also be exploring the sea and different creatures which live in the sea. During our topic we may find a pirate treasure map and will see what treasure we can find. 


This term we will have a whole school focus on Geography. 

Our topic in term 3 is 'Come with us to...' and each week we will be visiting a new place to explore. The places we will be exploring are: 


  • Bristol
  • Jamaica
  • The Jungle
  • The Polar Regions
  • China


We will be learning all about these places, what they look like and comparing them to each other to explore the similarities and differences. 


This term we will be having a big focus on History. In Reception we are going to research all about Princess Campbell. 

Our topic in term 2 is ‘Our Rights and People Who Help Us.'


As part of this we will be learning about our rights to a family and a home. We will explore different families over the world, and different homes. Our learning will be linked to Paddington Bear. 


During this topic, we will also be thinking of the people who help us. Who helps you?


Our topic in Term 1 is 'All About Me.' This term we will be settling into our new class and we will be spending this time getting to know the children and their families. We will be doing lots of circle time discussions, looking at classroom rules and making new friends. 


The teachers in the classroom will also be using this term to get to know the children's interests and will use this to support their planning.