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The Catholic nature of our school is central to our philosophy and   informs every aspect of the life of the school.  The schools Mission Statement reflects the values that all within the school community share.


Catholic schools play a vital role in providing support in our community and an environment which is caring yet challenging, where children are able to witness and learn about how gospel values may be lived in today’s world. St Nicks recognises the fundamental importance of good religious education in the life of each child and the central role the school plays in this.


Through the Holy Spirit we strive to provide opportunities for a balanced education through which our belief is integrated, so that children may develop to their full potential academically, spiritually, physically, emotionally, creatively and socially. We aim to educate children in the teachings and practices of the Church and provide them with opportunities to explore, discover and build on their own Christian faith in a community which is safe and supportive. We believe that it is important to encourage every child to develop a living faith that involves a relationship with God that is real and personal. Religious Education therefore not only involves teaching and learning in a lesson but is also something that is integrated into every aspect of our school life, shaping our curriculum and the way we interact with one another.


Fundamental to the religious life of the school is the example Jesus gave us in his loving relationships with others. At St Nicks, all members of our school community will endeavour to treat each person, child and adult alike, with respect, and encourage the development of happy and harmonious relationships.

The RE scheme based on God Matters aims to include and meet the targets set out in the Curriculum Directory – Revelation, The Church, Celebration, Life in Christ – for FS, KS 1 and 2, and enable children to develop investigation, interpretation, communication, criticism, affective and social, and evaluation skills.


The Relationship & Sex programme for the school follows A Journey In Love for EYFS, KS 1 and KS 2. Please see the link below for further information: