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School Closure

Dear Parents and Carer

Firstly, can I offer my thanks for your patience and co-operation during this very difficult and challenging time and sincerely hope that your families are safe and well.

As you know as from today all schools are required to close until further notice. This means that your child will not be able to come to school from Monday 23rd March unless they meet a specific criterion. Interpretation of this guidance is not I am afraid easy for any of us however, we have endeavoured to do this as best as we can. The list is available on:

The key message is that it is essential for all staff and families that the risk of spreading the virus as well as being able to keep everyone at school safe is paramount. Therefore, if the school is to provide any sustainable provision in line with the guidance, we need to be clear how provision will be provided in a fair and manageable manner.   Therefore, the school will provide provision as from Monday for the following groups of pupils

  1. Those with an Educational Health and Care Plan
  2. Those currently who have been assessed as needing an Education Health and Care Plan
  3. Those in receipt of social care or looked after children
  4. Both parents who are in what is described as Key Worker, and a lone parent holds this role.

Children in category a, b or c will be contacted directly by the school

Those in category d will need to provide proof that they are in this role. Proof can take the form an identity badge, wage slip (with financial details removed) or signed and headed letter from your employer.

This needs to be provided when you arrive on Monday morning and shown to either myself Mrs Collett, (in the absence of Mrs Dunford) Mrs Speed or Miss Allen. Can I please reassure you that all information shared will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

For those children attending school we will operate normal hours including breakfast from 8-00am.  However, all children must be on the premises by 9-00am. This is to ensure that we have adequate provision available or that staff not needed can themselves go home.

It is also important that we have correct contact details for pupils attending school and information related to people collecting children at the end of the day should contact need to be made.

If your child is in receipt of free school meals, then they will be provided with a packed lunch. All other children must bring their own packed lunch as usual.

Can I emphasise that school rules will continue to apply so children attending:

  • must come in school uniform
  • will not be allowed to bring in or use mobile phones or other devices

Children In receipt of Free School meals.

All children regardless of whether they are one of the agreed pupils able to be in school who would not be required to pay for a school lunch will continue to be provided with a daily packed lunch from our caterers.  The packed lunch will be available for collection every day from 11-30am –1pm.  It will be a case of picking up and then going. Unfortunately it will not be possible for people to remain on the premises.

Educational Provision

Although the school buildings are closed this does not mean that there is no educational provision for your child during their time at home. Your son/daughter will be provided with a pack of work including a workbook. For those who have not been in school today the pack will be available for collection throughout next week from 9-30 – 12-00.

Unless ill all teachers will be regularly keeping in touch with the children and you through the school’s website. Links to appropriate websites will be available on the school website.

For those not attending school it is important to set a regular schedule of routines for your children such as getting up at the same time each school day, setting aside a set time for educational work, lunch and break times. To not do this will cause difficulties when school reopen.

It is also paramount that they avoid socialising with other children.

Safeguarding/welfare concerns       

In order to support families and pupils who may have concerns around keeping themselves or their child/ren safe we have set up a specific email account that is only accessible by Mrs Dunford, Mrs Barker and Miss Allen.  The email address is

You will also find a list of other support agencies on our school website.


On behalf of all the staff at St Nicholas’s I would like to assure you that we will endeavour to support you as families during this difficult time.  As you know things are changing daily and so it is important that you regularly check the school website or your phone for updated texts.

Yours sincerely


Colleen Collett

Director Schools & Colleges for Clifton Diocese