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Re-opening of the school - 8th March 2021

Thursday 4th March 2021


Dear Parents, carers and children


We hope you are all well and looking forward to the full return to school next Monday. We have been working really hard to prepare the site so that it is safe, warm and welcoming for all the children. We have built on the successes of re-opening last September and ensured that those successes have been capitalised on. We have also managed to do this whilst the school has been operating and open to about a third of the school population and providing all the remote learning for those at home too. As you can imagine, this is not very easy!

You will have already received a text from the office to say that we would like all children to wear PE kit/ Active Wear (NO jeans) every day until Easter. There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, many of the children have grown so much since before Christmas that their uniforms may not fit any more. We do not want you spending money on new shoes etc when we also have the Easter break coming soon too. We have also prioritised outdoor learning activities as much as possible so the children would be coming in in PE kit for at least two days a week anyway. Please ensure warm undergarments as well as we still have doors and windows open in the building to aid ventilation as well as taking the children outside lots.


We have also tried to keep the routines the same so that the children are coming back to safe and known structures which will help them settle back in to the school rhythm quickly.


We ask that you begin the process of bedtime routines and morning structures to help your children prepare for Monday, if you haven’t started this already. We will be very strict on times once again as we need to keep everyone safe on site with very limited movement of staff between bubbles.


Drop–offs and pick ups

This will be from the main front gate. During the last lockdown, we pedestrianised the whole of the car park. We will be doing this again using half of that space once more as it worked well. This space will also now be used this time as ‘overflow’ should we be concerned that you as parents are struggling a bit with social distancing outside. It is very important that you make a super-human effort to do this please! There will be a member of staff outside every afternoon to monitor this so please do not be upset if you are asked to distance or move into the car park space.

Children need to be dropped off at the main gates where they will make their way to their own classrooms.

We are very sorry, but parents are NOT allowed on the main site once again for the foreseeable future, unless a prior appointment has been made.  This is to minimise contact.

Children in Early Years and KS1 will continue to enter and exit using the small pedestrian gate/path. Children in KS2 will always use the main car park gates. Please note that you will not be allowed to pull up in your cars outside the school at all. Please park in the side streets and walk around if you must use your cars for school drop-offs and pick-ups.


 Please ensure you drop off and collect your children in the allotted times below. Please note that these have changed so that the times are only FIVE MINUTES EACH.

                                               Please be respectful of these times.  

Year group





Miss Phipps




Miss McAllister




Mrs Rosolek-Field




Mr Feltham




Miss Morgan




Mr Wood




 Lunchtime arrangements

The school hall is still not in use to serve lunch or even run assemblies. Children will eat their lunch in their bubble/classroom. School lunches will be ordered as usual, but will continue to be in the form of the hot ‘grab bag’ that will be delivered daily to the school and then to classrooms. Following their lunch, children will be playing in designated areas and will be supervised by the same adult every day.


 PE Kits

Please see the beginning of this letter. Kits/active wear to be worn every day.


 Breakfast club, lunchtime clubs and after-school clubs

These continue to be suspended until further notice. We are very sorry if this is inconvenient, but unfortunately it is impossible for us to provide these at this time. We will review these provisions at Easter to see what is possible in the Summer term.

  • Please remember to bring a water bottle with your name on it (or one that is easily identifiable)
  • ANY reading books you have at home please bring these in with your reading record
  • You will receive a message from the office about WHEN to bring back any laptops you have at home. We have to have a ‘return system’ in place and it would be a complete shambles and unmanageable if everyone brought them back at the same time on Monday morning! Therefore, please wait for us to let you know when to return it.



We would like to repeat what we said to you in September 2020 when the children returned after Lockdown#1…

We completely understand that your child has not been in school for a very long time. As a school community, we all need to pull together to re-establish routines and boundaries in very unusual and challenging circumstances and recognise that there may be some significant ‘teething troubles’. Please try not to worry if we need to contact you about this, should your child find the transition back to school difficult or bewildering. We are all in this together!


We look forward to seeing you on Monday 8th March 2021.

With very best wishes,




Miss Hilary Dunford










COVID-19 school - specific information and reminders     


Children in primary schools will NOT be tested on site for Covid-19. There is also no expectation for children to be tested at home.

However, the information below still applies so please read carefully:


  • Please do NOT send your child to school if they are displaying symptoms of coronavirus
  • Please do NOT send your child to school if any member of your household is displaying symptoms of coronavirus
  • Should any of the above apply to you, you MUST phone the school to let us know. We have to record this on a special system set up which directly feeds to central government
  • You will also need to ring 111 and follow the government guidance. Should anyone in your household be required to take a test, it will also be YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to let the school know the outcome of the test
  • Visit for the very latest information and advice
  • We will NOT be taking children’s temperatures on arrival to school. However, we have a ‘no-touch infra-red’ thermometer on site to check a child’s temperature if necessary
  • Children do NOT have to wear masks in primary schools, but are welcome to if you feel this is necessary. Please give us a call to let us know if this is something you would like to discuss further
  • Should a child, or indeed a member of staff, become unwell in school with symptoms, we have an isolation room at the front of the school, as we did during lockdown. You will be informed as soon as possible to collect your child immediately. Should we be unable to contact you, we will keep your child in isolation with a member of staff in full PPE until you arrive
  • Please refer to the school’s latest risk assessment for re-opening which can be found on the website. Should you require a copy by email, then please let us know.

If you have any other questions or concerns, then please call the school and we will do our very best to respond to them.