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Poetry competition!

Ablaze recently launched a poetry competition and we are very excited to announce that Yedidya from Y4 has been chosen to have her poem published! 


In total, there were 566 entries across Bristol. We also want to say a big well done to all everyone who entered the competition.


Ablaze are hoping to publish a book of the chosen poems at the end of June. Ablaze will give a copy of the book to the school and further copies can be purchased for £5. More information can be found at :


Yedidya's brilliant poem:


The Rainy Day by Yedidya (Year 4)



Banging noise like falling trees

Breaking plates

Bashing balls like bombs

Bolts like bombs



A clock tick-tocking

Tapping noise like a tap

Teardrops like rain falling on the window

Tap your feet

Tiptoe through someones house



Crumbled dry bread

Creaking noise like an old door

Sounds like a cricket

Crushing noises like a pencil crushed

Clung monkeys on trees


Well done Yedidya!