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To enrich the broad curriculum taught, we offer a wide variety of valuable experiences for your child:



Which may include- Maths, Choir, Gymnastics, Netball, Football, Table Tennis. Our Netball team participate in friendly matches with local schools and are in both local cluster and church school leagues.



We have a very successful choir which performs at local and national singing functions, has opened local and regional events and collaborates regularly with other schools in Bristol for large public performances in schools, theatres and The Cathedral.


Drama & entertainment

Throughout the year there are opportunities for children to be involved in drama and entertainments, where they can learn many important skills. We have visiting theatre productions, artists, poets and writers to inspire our children.


Trips, educational visits, school holidays

Throughout the year children are invited on many educational visits. These visits are to support work that is being carried out in class, or for enjoyment or to add to the rich experiences we provide.


Book sharing

We encourage children to ‘share’ books with younger and older children in organised sessions to help promote the love of books.

Book and play making projects are frequently presented in school. Reading volunteers and specific library sessions support the use of books as sources of pleasure and information



The school has a small, well-stocked library that children may use during lessons or in their own time. It may be used to broaden their knowledge or develop a love of reading stories and poetry. Parents interested in helping in the library should contact the school office.