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Y4 - Francis

Class Teacher: Miss Shelton 



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Reading book and updated reading record needed in school every day.


Tested every Friday

Times Tables

Tested every Friday


How do different materials effect our planet?


Our current topic is all about different materials such as plastic and the effects these cause on our environment. We will be investigating solids, liquids and gases and we will also be looking at ways to look after our planet. 


For a two week block in the middle of this term, the whole school is having a visual text fortnight where we all focus our learning around Lion King. We will be completing different arts, crafts, writing and other activities based around this. 


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In Maths, we are getting better at fractions and decimals. To do this we will be learning of our times table to solve problem relating to these and exploring how we divide one and two digit numbers by ten and one hundred. 





In English, we are reading the book Good Dog McTavish to create entries for the Bristol Reading Competition. We have created letters, play scripts and then an entry of our choice. 


In the upcoming weeks, we will be focusing on Lion King. In this unit, we will use descriptive features to create a character description and also look at features of comics to create our own. 


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In RE, our topic is Lent where we will be finding out more about Jesus' temptations and how these link to the lives of Christians today. 


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