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Y3 - Benedict

Class Teacher: Miss Shelton

supported by Miss Logan (Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays)



Monday & Wednesday afternoon


Test every Monday afternoon


Test every Monday afternoon


New homework is set every Friday to be returned by the following Thursday.


Why do so many animals live in the rainforest?

This term all of our learning is about the Amazon Rainforest with a geography focus. We will spend time learning about the different layers of the rainforest, locating South America and Brazil and finding out about why the rainforest is such a hot place to live. Our English and Maths will also be linked to this topic.




In English, we will be watching a video called 'Ride of Passage', which is set in the jungle. Later on in the term, we will be reading a book called 'The Great Kapok Tree'. During this, we are getting better at creating setting descriptions, using inverted commas to punctuate speech and creating poetry about the rainforest. 



In Maths, we are now going back over everything we have learnt during Year 3. Therefore, we will be focussing on our problem solving skills, particuarly with money, multiplication and time. We will also be planning a trip to the Amazon Rainforest so the class will need to price up flights, accomodation, airport buses and excursions to fit within a budget, then working out what change is left over.

Term 5 Homework Grid

Term 6 Homework Grid