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Y3 - Benedict

Class Teachers: Ms Davies and Mr Stack

supported by Mrs Allen



Monday afternoon will be very active as we build upon our key movement skills whilst making links to other areas of the curriculum, including maths.


Thursday afternoon will be led by our fantastic coach, Wes and his team. This term, the children are learning boxing fitness skills to improve their confidence and self-esteem.


Test every Thursday morning.


The children need to be very confident with their key words from KS1 and if they are at all unsure of these, they need to be practising this list at home as a priority.


New Year 3 words will be sent home to learn each week.

Times Tables

Test every Friday afternoon.


This year, the children are expected to learn their 3's, 4's and 8's. We already expect them to have a secure knowledge of the 2's, 5's and 10's from their learning in KS1.


You can help your child at home by encouraging them to learn these facts, as it will really help support their future maths enjoyment.

Mark Making

For the first three weeks of Term 1, our whole school are completing a mark making project which will build upon fine motor skills, creativity, team work and presentation. This project will end with a museum around the school to showcase all of the children's learning.


In Maths, we are getting better at our understanding of place value with 3-digit numbers. We will explore different ways of representing numbers using a variety of maths resources and numbers and words. We will be developing our problem solving and building our skills to check and explain our thinking. A good understanding of this topic will support trickier learning throughout the year.


In RE, our first topic is Creation where we will be finding out more about the different parts of the bibles and stories that we are not yet familiar with.